Wenzhuo Wu Invited to U.S.-Africa Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium

IE's Wenzhuo Wu, Ravi and Eleanor Talwar Rising Star Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering recently took part in the symposium, which brings together outstanding scientists from the two continents.
Photo of Professor Wu with a Giraffe
Wenzhuo Wu, Ravi and Eleanor Talwar Rising Star Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering

Wu was recently invited to participate in the symposium, which brings together bright and talented young scientists from the U.S. and Africa to share and discuss their work.

While in attendance Wu was able to share his expertise and provide updates on his research in nanomanufacturing for health and sustainability. Wu also took part in discussions regarding a wide range of topics with peer researchers in the areas of artificial intelligence, materials science, biodiversity, climate change, food security, and infectious diseases.

Highly accomplished emerging leaders in science, engineering or medicine from industry, academia, public service, non-profit and other sectors from African Union member countries and the United States met for an intensive symposium on developments at the cutting edge of engineering technology in five areas: Artificial Intelligence, Materials Science, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Food Security, Infectious Diseases.

"The U.S.-Africa program brings together outstanding young scientists, engineers, and medical professionals from the United States and the member countries of the African Union for a series of symposia to discuss exciting advances and opportunities in their fields."

"The goal of these meetings is to enhance the scientific exchange and dialogue among young researchers in African countries and the United States, including the African science diaspora, and through this interaction, facilitate research collaboration within and beyond the region."

This symposium is sponsored by the Rutter Foundation, IBM, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and Office of Naval Research Global.

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