Student Spotlight: Isabel Hardy

Author: Chloee Robison
Meet Isabel Hardy!
Isabel is a senior majoring in industrial engineering and a participant of the GEARE program. She is an active member of Phi Sigma Rho and the Hispanic Catholics/Boiler Catholics group. Last summer she interned at Anheuser-Busch, and this semester she is working abroad as a Quality Intern for Hewlett-Packard (HP) in Barcelona!
Isabel’s interest in engineering began with a talent for sewing. In high school, she took a sewing class that encouraged her to pursue a hands-on career. Combined with her love for math and science, she decided that engineering was a great fit! She gives credit to the FYE program for helping her decide on a major in IE: “FYE gave me the opportunity to explore different disciplines my freshman year. When I went in, all I really knew was about mechanical engineering.” Isabel knew she loved talking to people and didn’t want to be in a lab-based setting. She decided on IE for its “broad spectrum of opportunities,” and she is excited about being “the bridge between business and engineering” as she continues her career!
When Isabel began her first study abroad trip, she knew that her reading difficulties might get in the way of her learning. Accompanied with an entirely different method of teaching, she struggled to learn the required content. She says that learning how to be resourceful with the information she had, utilizing available guidance, and advocating for her education while abroad are all difficulties she is proud to have overcome.
Isabel would like to give a shout-out to Joe Tort, GEARE advisor, and Morgan, her IE advisor, for helping her achieve great things during her time at Purdue. Her parents have been a substantial influence in her life, and it is their advice that has encouraged her to pursue an MBA in her future.
Congrats to Isabel for all her impressive accomplishments! We can’t wait to see what progress you bring to the world!