Spotlight: Amy Bray-Cotton, BSIE 2022

Amy served as the Purdue's Women In Engineering Program (WIEP) Leadership team and was responsible for the Mentee & Mentors program. Today, we shine a light on her.

How has being a part of the WIEP Leadership Team (LT) impacted you? What skills have you grown as a member of the WIEP LT that sets you up for success?

When I first interviewed for a position on the WIEP Leadership Team, I had no idea that this role would become such a significant part of my college career and shape me into who I am today. Over the past three years, I've had a consistent outlet to combine my technical skills with the creativity that initially inspired me to become an engineer. The network that I've built from the access of peers and alumni through this program has supported my achievements and given me the confidence and tools I need to thrive as a woman engineer in my professional life beyond graduation.

How has your WIEP LT participation impacted others?

Having the privilege to step up, plan engaging, unique meetings to drive retention, inspire others, and learn how to make mentoring and networking fun and natural has been so rewarding. It has impacted thousands in the past few years. This year, the Mentees and Mentors program stood at over 600 members which means that our work has touched hundreds of minds just this year alone. One of my favorite parts of being a leader of this program has been the opportunity to mentor and answer questions from members. Seeing members flourish and find their passions within engineering and life, in general, is so incredibly rewarding.

What are your plans after graduation?

Upon graduation, I will be taking a family vacation to Europe to enjoy the last few months before starting work full-time. After that, I will be relocating with my dog that I adopted last summer, and am looking forward to balancing life with hobbies, exploring, and cooking healthy food.

What would you want alums to know about the Women in Engineering Program that they may not know?

The Women in Engineering Program provides invaluable support to members not only in college but also in preparation for professional life as well. Having the opportunity to hear alumnae speak during such a transformational period of life as a college student is inspiring, and encouraging, and builds confidence in me and my peers. It's made me feel secure in my abilities as I look forward to the future, knowing that no challenge is too difficult. This program has also given me friends and role models that I will value for life. With the support of WIEP, I could not be more proud to consider myself a Woman Engineer.

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