Student Spotlight: Antonella Campos Iannacone

Author: Dave Montgomery
Meet Antonella Campos Iannacone!


Antonella at Yellowstone

Antonella is a senior in IE from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has served as the VP of Relations for Investment & Trading at Purdue, is a member of Higher Ground Dance Company, and is a volunteer at Natalie’s Second Chance Dog Shelter. Among dance and volunteering, some of her favorite activities include traveling and hiking (check out the photo of her at Yellowstone!)

Antonella at Proctor & Gamble

Growing up, Antonella was exposed to engineering quite early: both her parents are industrial engineers! During her time in high school, they encouraged Antonella to pursue an engineering education in the United States. After seeing her brother successfully start college in Michigan, she was convinced to come to Purdue.

The decision to go to another country for college was difficult, but well worth it, she says. Antonella had to adjust to the differences in language and teaching styles, learn her way around a new campus, and find friends she could rely on as a support system.

During her time in college, Antonella has interned at two companies and worked on remarkable projects. Her first internship was at Medxcel, where she learned to apply data analytics skills to the facilities management industry. Last year, she worked for P&G as a Manufacturing Intern. During her junior year, Antonella also completed research within the school of Biomedical Engineering, and her work will help introduce an app that monitors symptoms of children with Angelman Syndrome. She is currently working on creating a class that will teach this kind of app development to future students. Her experiences have allowed her to develop a wide skill set that will take her far in her career.

Antonella with a friend in front of the Engineering Fountain

In the future, Antonella plans to work for a company that allows her to continue fostering these valuable skills. She is looking forward to working in an environment that encourages growth and collaboration and intends to one day start her own business. Her plans aren’t definite, however. As she says, “There might be opportunities to come that you’ll miss 

because you’re focusing on only one thing.” Keeping an open mind about her future has helped Antonella find incredible opportunities, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!