Duo of Purdue Professors Awarded NSF Grant

A pair of Purdue professors, in collaboration with peers from the University of Wyoming, have been awarded a grant of $5 million by the National Science Foundation for their research in the area of quantum information science and engineering.

Dr. Yong P. Chen, of Physics and Astronomy, along with Dr. Gary Cheng, from the School of Industrial Engineering are both co-principal investigators of the project, titled “ExpandQISE: Track 2: Developing Research and Education Programs in Quantum Information Science and Engineering with Research on Locally Tunable 2D Topological Superconductors”

According to the award abstract, the five-year project involves exploration of localized tuning of exotic properties of two-dimensional (2D) quantum materials, along with development of undergraduate and graduate programs in QISE at the University of Wyoming. 

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