Purdue WIEP Alumna Reflects

Alli Hanlon, Purdue BSIE '21, took some time at the end of the calendar year to reflect on life after graduation and her time at Purdue - in IE and in the Women in Engineering Program.


A few weeks into my freshman year at Purdue, I saw an advertisement for a job opening at the Women in Engineering Program to join the Operations Assistants (OA) Leadership Team. At the time, I was still adjusting to being away from home, and wasn’t even sure that engineering was the career for me. I decided to apply for the job anyway, and I am so glad I did. Little did I know, joining the WIEP LT would be one of the best decisions I would make as a freshman – it provided the friendships, professional connections, and leadership experiences that brought me to where I am today.

Me outside the office of my new job with Deloitte!

When I first started as an OA, I joined a small but mighty team of students in the WIEP office who supported recruiting programs for prospective students. If you ever visit the WIEP office and talk to a student at the front desk – that used to be me! Throughout my four years on the OA team, I developed lasting friendships with my fellow LT members, contributed to meaningful WIEP initiatives, and saw myself grow as both a student and a leader. The nervous freshman, who wasn’t even sure she wanted to be an engineer, became a confident and passionate Purdue Engineering alum.

I graduated from Purdue in May 2021, with a major in Industrial Engineering and minors in both Computer Science and Psychology. After graduation, I knew I wanted a career that would allow me to work on teams of passionate individuals, and that would provide opportunities for continuous learning and development. I accepted a job as a Solutions Engineering Analyst at Deloitte Consulting, and officially joined the firm this past September. One of my first introductions to Deloitte was actually through a WIEP event, and I’ve loved working for a company that has not only a strong Boilermaker community, but a strong Women in Engineering community as well.

A photo from my graduation in May 2021

As I reflect on my time at Purdue, it’s hard to imagine my experience without the impact of WIEP. It brought me some of my closest friendships and introduced me to the company I’d eventually work for. Choosing to study engineering at Purdue provided countless opportunities, and WIEP only elevated them. I am ever grateful for the experiences I had at Purdue, and for the lifelong friendships I made through the Women in Engineering Program – Boiler Up!

Alli Hanlon, IE '21 & WIEP Operations Assistants Alumna
Deloitte Solutions Engineering Analyst

Composed by WE Link LT Emily Hamman


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