Gary Cheng Named Fellow of International Society of Nanomanufacturing

IE's Gary Cheng was named a fellow of the International Society of Nanomanufacturing this September.


Professor Cheng was named as an ISNM fellow earlier this year at the the International Conference on Nanomanufacturing & AET Symposium on ACSM and Digital Manufacturing. Cheng was named for his contributions to scalable nanomanufacturing techniques, fundamental understanding of the relationships between process, nanostructures and properties.

“It was a great honor to be listed with all the outstanding fellow researchers in nanomanufacturing.”

The International Society for Nanomanufacturing (ISNM) was launched in 2008 and serves to provide members a platform for communication and networking among industry and academia around the world.  The ISNM aims to promote development of new technologies and innovations in nanomanufacturing.

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Gary Cheng