Gonzalez featured by Purdue GEPP

Carolina Gonzalez was recently featured by the Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships as one of the program's student assistants.


Carolina GonzalezCarolina Gonzalez is currently a Ph.D. student in the Industrial Engineering Department. She is interested in the healthcare analytics field; she loves to use statistics for analyzing information and finding patterns.

She is from Colombia, so the experiences of studying abroad and working in GEP2 have been very enriching for her. She has been able to interact with a lot of new cultures, trying to understand them as she starts her path for developing her intercultural skills. In her free time (which is not much), she loves to read, paint and sew. As part of her work in GEP2, she is in charge of the statistical analysis of the IDI collected data in different on-campus and off-campus courses; she is also the TA in the Learning community class (ENGR 103).


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