Welcoming Dr. Pujol to Purdue IE

Dr. Toyya Pujol, assistant professor of industrial engineering
Dr. Toyya Pujol, assistant professor of industrial engineering
Dr. Toyya Pujol joins the School of Industrial Engineering and the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University as an assistant professor. Her research focuses on analytics and machine learning applied to health data particularly in health disparities.


"Dr. Pujol brings an impressive collection of skills, peppered with strong academic, research, and defense sector experience, and a clear passion for teaching," says Dr. Abhi Deshmukh, the James J. Solberg Head and Tompkins Chair of Systems, School of Industrial Engineering.

Toyya has studied at MIT, Northeastern, and Georgia Tech. Dr. Pujol has also spent time as a visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School, working with Dr. Sherri Rose on causal Inference and machine learning. Notably, she put her industrial engineering skills to use in data science as well as cost-estimating for the US Air Force while pursuing her higher education.

"Hiring Toyya adds a new dimension to our data analytics research portfolio. We look forward to supporting her work as her career unfolds," says Dr. Deshmukh. "We are looking forward to significant hiring in the coming year. Despite a challenging year, the Purdue School of Industrial Engineering continues to grow and enrich our programatic research and course offerings. The future looks bright."