2017 Old Masters include 2 IE alumni

Photo of 2017 Old Masters panel discussion
The 2017 Old Masters panel discussion included 2 IE alumni: Kathy Kilmer (center; not pictured - Anthony Miller) (Purdue Exponent photo/Anna Poznyak)
Purdue’s annual Old Masters program included a panel discussion with two IE alumni participants.

IE Alumni Kathy Kilmer (BSIE 1992) and Anthony Miller (BSIE 1989) participated in the "Leaving a Lasting Legacy" panel discussion. The event consisted of two panels, made up of five Old Masters each. The first panel was made up of Moses Chan, Malcolm DeKryger, Kathy Kilmer, Ed Langford and Katie MacFarlane. The second was with Brian Cardinal, Julie Goonewardene, Anthony Miller, Ginger Thompson and honorary Old Master Julia Kalish.

They answered prepared questions from student moderators as well as several audience questions, which were submitted online during the first 10 minutes of each panel. The questions focused on Old Masters' successes in their various careers and how they had achieved them.

Kilmer serves as Director of Sales Analytics and Insights at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, while Miller is Co-founder, COO and partner of The Vistria Group, and former COO and Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.

"You look at really successful people, why they're successful, (it's) because they do things that they're good at," said Miller. "They put themselves in situations that require what they're good at, and they thrive."

The event took place on November 6 in the Stewart Center's Loeb Playhouse. It was so well-attended that overflow seating spilled over into nearby Fowler Hall.

(Summarized from "Old Masters panel explores the legacies Purdue graduates leave", by Alisa Reynya, Purdue Exponent, Nov. 9, 2017)

An Old Master is an exceptional person who has made significant contributions to his or her own field, and this year all are alumni returning to their alma mater to share ideas and experiences with current Boilermakers. Each year, a group of 12 students known as the Central Committee evaluate hundreds of nominations in order to choose ten deserving candidates. The Old Masters program has been a Purdue tradition since 1950. The program is known for connecting distinguished professionals to the student body in order to enrich traditions, unite generations and empower one another to move the world forward together as Boilermakers.