Neuroimaging Symposium & Hackathon held

Photo of Joaquin Goni
Prof. Goñi talks about functional connectomes
Photo of Enrico Amico winning poster competition
(l) Dr. Enrico Amico wins poster competition award from
Professor Ulrike Dydak (r)
Photo of hackathon winners Chumin & Svaldi
(l to r) Goñi, Hackathon winners Evgeny Chumin and Diana Svaldi, and Amico
The 5th Annual Indiana Neuroimagining Symposium and Hackathon took place November 3 & 4 in Stewart Center.

The two-day event was organized by IE Assistant Professor Joaquín Goñi and Postdoctoral Researcher Enrico Amico of the CONNplexity Lab. The event was held to give students hands-on experience in using complex networks concepts to assess brain connectivity. Graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty and some undergraduates attended. The symposium took place the first day, and the hackathon was held on the second day.

Symposium topics included "Cognitive Neuroimagining", "Data Blitz", "Advanced imagining techniques", "Neurological and Neurodegenerative Disorders", and "Connectomics and Data Mining". For this last topic, Goñi gave a talk titled "Individual fingerprints of human brain functional connectomes".

The attendees also visited the new Purdue MRI facility and held a student poster session. Out of the 37 posters submitted, Amico won 3rd prize for his symposium poster titled "Mapping joint structural-functional connectivity traits in the human connectome". CONNplexity lab members Amico, Goñi, and PhD student Uttara Tipnis, with IE Assistant Professor Mario Ventresca, also submitted a poster titled "Modeling diffusion processes in the brain through a cooperative learning ant colony-inspired algorithm".

The second day of the event was divided into a hackathon and a mini-pulse-programming course. A team formed by IUPUI PhD candidate Evgeny Chumin and IUPUI postdoctoral researcher and Purdue alumna Dr. Diana Svaldi won the Hackathon prize for their work on modularity changes in structural connectivity associated to alcohol habits.

This was the first time this event took place at Purdue University. In past years it has alternated between IU-Bloomington and IUPUI in Indianapolis.