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Alum breaks world record with 3-D printed graphene aerogel

Photo of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate
Dong Lin & team received a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate for their achievement (Photo: K-State)
IE alumnus Dong Lin and his research team will be listed in the 2018 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for creating the lightest 3-D printed material in the world.

Lin (PhD 2013), Kansas State University assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, and his research team from Kansas State, the University at Buffalo, and Lanzhou University (China), have printed the least dense solid graphene aerogel. GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS documented the team’s achievement and will include their achievement in the 2018 edition of the records book. Lin studied at Purdue IE under Professors C. Richard Liu and Gary Cheng.

"Graphene is a revolutionary material and it makes sense that its aerogel form would be just as important,” Lin says in a K-State press release. “Our 3-D printed graphene aerogel has important properties that give the material many applications for better electronics, batteries, or semiconductors...Aerogel is a special material with a lot of applications and that's why it is one of the hottest materials throughout the world."

(Summarized from The American Ceramic Society article, "Scientists break world record with 3-D printed graphene aerogel" by Faye Oney, July 19, 2017.)


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