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Aggarwal lab receives AT&T VURI award

Photo of Vaneet Aggarwal
Dr. Vaneet Aggarwal
Dr. Vaneet Aggarwal's CLAN Labs received a VURI award from AT&T Labs in June. AT&T's Virtual University Research Initiative (VURI) program facilitates collaborations between AT&T researchers and universities.

Aggarwal’s project is titled "Video streaming over distributed cloud". Aggarwal and CLAN Labs PhD student, Abubakr Alabbasi, are working with three researchers from AT&T Labs, Robin Chen, Yu Xiang, and Moo-Ryong Ra. This joint collaboration will help the researchers understand the key system issues for video delivery. The algorithms developed will be tested on realistic systems with realistic data.  

Project Summary: The demand of video streaming services has been skyrocketing over these years, with the global video streaming market expected to grow annually at a rate of 18.3%. With the proliferation and advancement of video-streaming services, cloud-based video has become an imperative feature of any successful business. In this project, we will consider that the video content is encoded using erasure codes on distributed servers. Using the popularity data which gives the access distribution of the video content, an algorithm to optimize the placement of the content can be prototyped and tested. The improvement of the proposed algorithms on the QoE metrics will be evaluated. The encoding, access, and decoding modules are all different for data storage as compared to data streaming. Thus, modifying the different modules in an open source file system are of key interest for the future research and development in this area and will be explored in this project.