2017 IE Awards Dinner & Ceremony

Photo of 2017 Purdue IE Awards Dinner & Ceremony
Nearly 200 guests attended the event
Photo of Caroline Waas
(l to r) Steve Landry, Caroline Waas & Abhi Deshmukh hold Caroline's four scholarship certificates
Photo of Christopher Bluish
Christopher Bluish (c) stands with scholarship donors Ellen & Dennis Clark
Photo of Abhi Deshmukh & Ferdinand Leimkuhler
Current Head Abhi Deshmukh & former Head Ferdinand Leimkuhler hold new Leimkuhler Dissertation Award plaque
Photo of Ferd Leimkuhler & 4 IE Ambassadors
Leimkuhler enjoyed interacting with students throughout the evening
At a dinner and awards ceremony on November 16, Purdue IE celebrated student scholarship recipients and honored Ferdinand Leimkuhler, Professor Emeritus and former Head of Purdue IE.

About 180 people attended the dinner and awards ceremony in the Shively Club at Ross-Ade Pavilion. Dr. Abhi Deshmukh, James J. Solberg Head of Purdue Industrial Engineering, welcomed the guests. The audience enjoyed hearing senior IE student R. Neale Moore speak, and then Dr. Leimkuhler, who had returned to Purdue to speak at that afternoon's Moshe M. Barash Memorial Lecture. Steve Duket, IE managing director, presented the awards below. 

Dr. Steve Landry, associate professor, won both the James H. Greene Outstanding Graduate Education Award and the Pritsker Best Teacher Award for excellence in teaching. Anita Park, graduate program specialist, won the IE Outstanding Staff Award.

At the end of the evening, Dr. Deshmukh announced the establishment of the new Ferdinand Leimkuhler Dissertation Award, to be given every two years to honor outstanding PhD dissertations produced by Purdue Industrial Engineering students.

The undergraduate recipients of 2017-2018 Industrial Engineering scholarships are:

Bob & Ellie Shadley Scholarship – Michael Wang
Charles & Susan Armstrong Scholarship – Caroline Waas
Cynthia A. Niekamp Scholarship for IE – Yating Fang, Marie Holkenbrink, Sarah Jaderlund
David Wunsch Memorial Prize – Matthew A. Kortepeter, Rebecca Seligman
Dennis M. & Ellen A. Clark Scholarship in IE – Christopher Bluish
Emerson Scholarship in IE – Emily Nagy
Future Purdue Scholarship in IE – Cory Elam
Harold T. Amrine Award –  Nicholas Perkins
J. & R. Schriefer Memorial Scholarship for IE – John Dore
Jeremy S. & Edith B. Weinstein Scholarship in IE – Andrew Goodman, Marissa Marks, Yongqiang Zhu
Jack Posey Scholarship in IE – Willis Heldt
John & Carolyn Daus Scholarship – Cory Elam, Nicholas Thompson, Benjamin Walters
Dr. James Barany Endowed Scholarship in IE – Lillain Bishop, Sarah Chandler, Brandt Hopfe, Matthew A. Kortepeter, Katherine Leinenbach, Cassandra McCormack, William Nigh, Sophia Paul, Nicholas Perkins, LilyAnn Peterson Gapinski, Parklynn Petty, Lindsay Piispanen, Josephine Tracey, Yongqiang Zhu
James Farlander Family Scholarship for IE - Caroline Waas
Joseph DeWenter Endowed Scholarship for IE – Sarah Jaderlund, Chad Lawrence
Joyce & Robert Schriefer Memorial Scholarship for Industrial Engineering – John R. Dore
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation Scholarship – Kirsten Gargas, Marie Holkenbrink, Lindsay Piispanen, Josephine Tracey, Caroline Waas
Melvin E. Guthrie, Jr. Scholarship – Sarah Chandler, Maria Conversa, Andrew Dobis, Alexander Doria, Shannon McGeever, Victoria Schwieger
Meritor Automotive Scholarship – Yichen Fan, Patrick Prabowo
Parvathi & Parasuram Scholarship for IE – Parklynn Petty
Persistent Bulldog Memorial Scholarship – LilyAnn Peterson Gapinski, Taylor Roller
Phillips 66 Company Scholarship – Madison Danen
Prof. James W. Barany Scholarship – Yuncong Huang, Sophia Paul
Robert E. Savage Scholarship – Brandt Hopfe, Johnathon Kenneally, R. Neale Moore, Nicholas Perkins, Caroline Waas
Robert E. Swinehart and Cheryl Swinehart Scholarship – Benjamin Walters, Luke Scheer
Ross Dobkin Memorial Scholarship – Rebecca Seligman
Ruddell Reed, Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Patrick Limerick, Victoria Schwieger
School of IE Scholarship – Shivali Rao
Thomas & Lee Porter IE Scholarship – Katherine Leinenbach, James Thomas
Tom Sparrow Scholarship in IE – Yuncong Huang
Winston C. Lister Scholarship in IE – Christopher Bluish, Yichen Fan
Youssef I. ElGomayel Scholarship in IE – Alexander Merrick

The graduate recipients of 2016-2017 Industrial Engineering Assistantships and Fellowships are:

Andrews Fellowship – Larissa Mori
Ross Fellowship – Rhoann Kerh, Duy Anh Duong-Tran, Juan Carvajal
Dr. Theodore J. & Isabel M. Williams Fellowship in Industrial Control Systems – Ashwin Nair, Ting Zhang
Lee A. Chaden Fellowship in Industrial Engineering - Audrey Reinert, Benjamin Rachunok