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Controlling 'shear-band' defects in manufacturing processes

Photo of shear bands
(l) “Shear bands” defects create chips of needle-shaped particles. (r) The new method eliminates the shear banding, resulting in a long continuous strip. (Purdue University image/Center for Materials Processing and Tribology)
An international team of researchers has invented a method to control the formation of defects called "shear bands" in metals manufacturing processes and discovered microscopic details of how the defects are created. IE Professor Srinivasan Chandrasekar works with Professor Kevin P. Trumble of Materials Engineering on the project.

 "This new work, based on a fundamental understanding of how shear bands form, is an important advance for manufacturing and metals processing," said Chandrasekar, director of Purdue's Center for Materials Processing and Tribology.

Findings are detailed in a paper published online in August in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A, and featured on the cover of the September print edition of the journal.

WBAA News: Purdue Researchers Find Fix For Metal Manufacturers

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