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Goñi participates in inter-university "Hackathon"

IE Assistant Professor Joaquín Goñi participated in the first IU Imaging Research Facility NeuroImaging Hackathon on Nov. 6 & 7 in Bloomington, IN.

The two-day event included talks from nine speakers from IU, University of Washington, and Sapienza University of Rome. Goals of the Hackathon included mentoring students in state-of-the-art approaches to neuroimaging and brain connectivity, while addressing specific challenges by organizing different groups. Participants were divided into five teams who worked on hackathon projects, including the use of network analyses on EEG data, uses of deep learning algorithms on MRI data, building a software simulator of a synthetic diffusion-weighted MRI signal,  examining T1 mapping to examine grey matter myelin and potential changes in grey matter myelin due to experience, and analyzing each step of the network analysis pipeline including how to process the MRI data.

Dr. Goñi led the network group. The groups finished their projects on Nov. 7 and presented them to the workshop participants.

Dr. Goni and students at the IU Hackathon  

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