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Master's Thesis (Research Track) Degree Requirements

Courses selected for the thesis option are intended to provide some depth of study in a particular area of interest. The prerequisites to the program assure a minimal amount of knowledge in the general field of industrial engineering. The minimum requirement for the program is 21 credit hours of course work with at least 12 hours in industrial engineering. At least 6 hours of course work is recommended from a related area. In addition, the student must take at least a total of 9 credit hours of thesis research (IE 698), complete, and successfully defend in an oral examination a thesis representing evidence of independent research. The student must be registered for at least 3 credit hours of IE 698 thesis research during the session the degree is conferred.

Credit Requirements for a Master's Thesis

Have at least 30 total graduate credit hours, and total 30 credit hours must include:

  • 21 credit hours of course work: at least 12 credit hours of IE courses. 
  • 9 credit hours of IE 698 master’s thesis research credits.

Have an approved plan of study filed with the Graduate School.

Successfully defend a thesis in a final examination and deposit, meeting all requirements of Industrial Engineering and the Graduate School.