In general, the program consists of the following tasks:

  1. Forming a thesis advisory committee within two semesters after entering,         
  2. Completion of 21 credit-hours of graduate courses approved by the advisory committee,
  3. Completion of a two-stage preliminary examination that includes:
    1. Paper Examination. The paper examination includes an oral examination on a submitted paper that must be a part of the proposed research. This paper must be reviewed by a preliminary examination committee and judged publishable in a refereed journal. The oral examination is performed on the written paper to determine if the student is qualified for taking the proposal examination of the second stage.
    2. Research Proposal and Preliminary Examination. The preliminary examination requires the submission and successful defense of a formal research proposal after passing the paper examination.
  4. Completion of 18 additional credit-hours of graduate courses approved by the advisory committee,
  5. Defense of an acceptable dissertation in a final examination. 
Credit Requirements for Plan of Study (Direct Ph.D.) Credit Hours
Course Work at Purdue (must be for a grade and must complete with a B grade or better) Engineering Economics/Decisions
(IE 545, IE 546)
Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering
(IE 556, IE 559, IE 577)
Manufacturing Processes and Production Systems
(IE 566, IE 570, IE 575, IE 579)
Optimization and Stochastic Processes
(IE 535, IE 536, IE 580, IE 581)
Two 3 credit-hour 600 level industrial engineering courses taken at Purdue, excluding unlabeled IE 690 (individual project) courses and IE 699 6
At least one related field of study outside the area of industrial engineering is required 3
Additional courses that pertain to your area of research 18
Research Credits IE 699 Ph.D. Thesis Research
51 or more
Minimum Total Credit-Hours
for a Direct PhD

A minimum of 90 credit-hours of course work plus IE 699 thesis research must be completed along with at least two semesters of full-time study in continuous residency. Students should register for the maximum hours permissible in order to meet the minimum credit-hour requirements.