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Testimonials from Past Participants

This program is a great way for prospective students to get a small taste of college life at Purdue University. I'm now thoroughly convinced that Purdue is the school for me!
~Nathan Gasteyer, IL

Attending STEP made me clearly see an engineering major is what I desire to pursue in college. The week introduced me to the various engineering disciplines which also made me realize my interest is definitely in electrical/mechanical engineering. I also had a lot of fun with new friends while we worked hard on various projects together.
~Kyle Yoneshige, HI

STEP was amazing. I was so sad to part with my team when the camp ended. I made some really good friends during such a short time.
~Erin Fitzgibbons, IN

The camp was an overall excellent experience, and I felt like it was a great preview of what living on campus as an engineering student would really be like.
~Sam Veatch, TX

This program really helped me to figure out for the first time in my life what I wanted to do for a career; considering how undecided I had been my entire life, this was a really big step for me. I have never before been so excited to start my future! This program is definitely worth the time and money for anyone who is even remotely undecided about their future.
~Nicole Hoeing, IN

The Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects was an excellent opportunity to learn more about life at Purdue as an engineer. Everything from the professors teaching the classes, to the students working with us, helped me get glimpse into my future. The discipline tours gave great insight into what Purdue engineers do daily, increasing my desire to pursue engineering and attend the school. Clearly, this program stands far and above the rest.
~Kelly Krumm, OR

STEP Camp was definitely the best week of my life!
~Eric Michael, IL

The STEP program is a great way to get a taste of Purdue and what being an engineering student is like. It was a great experience which further sparked my interest in Purdue.
~Steffen Schilstra, VA

The STEP program gave me the tools I will need to further my education in engineering. I was able to select the exact discipline I wish to study because of the guidance I received from the unforgettable counselors. The memories made at this seminar are the most fun I have ever had with a group of people that became like a second family.
~Katie Lindenman, IL