Kylie Caprini

 Kylie Caprini 1x1.jpg

Lead 3-D Printing Intern 

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

From Chicago Suburbs, Illinois

Fun Fact: I’m in Purdue Space Program

Benjamin Kipp

Ben Kipp 1x1-1.jpg

Lead Rollercoaster Intern

Senior in Materials Engineering

From Fishers, Indiana 

Fun Fact: Last summer, I climbed a mountain at 8100 feet. 

Matt Laubenstein

Matt 1x1.jpg

Lead Arduino Intern

Junior in Biomedical Engineering

From Sharpsville, Indiana 

Fun Fact: I skipped a grade, so I’m a year younger than most people in my class. 

Andrew Freeman

Andrew Freeman 1x1.jpg

Lead Robot Intern

Graduate Student at UIUC in Electrical Engineering 

From Lafayette, Indiana 

Fun Fact: I've lived in the Lafayette, IN area my entire life (except for a 4-month study abroad in Spain).

Max Herro

Max Herro 1x1.jpg

Lead Events Intern

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

From Edina, Minnesota

Fun Fact: My third cousin is NBA player Tyler Herro

Evelyn McCarthy

Evelyn McCarthy 1x1.jpg

Lead Female Residential Intern

Sophomore in Biomedical Engineering

From Columbus, Ohio

Fun Fact: I was captain of my high school's robotics team

Joseph Grabczynski

 Joseph 1x1.jpg

Lead Male Residential Intern

Sophomore in Aerospace Engineering

From Zionsville, IN

Fun Fact: I lived in Germany for 3 years

Seth McConkey

Seth McConkey 1x1.jpg

Projects/Teaching & Residential Intern

Sophomore in Computer Engineering 

From Westfield, Indiana 

Fun Fact: I can juggle. 

Janoah Darrow

Janoah Darrow 1x1.jpg   

Projects/Teaching & Residential Intern

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering 

From Montgomery, New Jersey  

Fun Fact: I witnessed a total solar eclipse in South Carolina in 2017. 

Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith 1x1.jpg

Projects/Teaching & Residential Intern

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

From Southern Pines, North Carolina

Fun Fact: I can beat anybody at Guitar Hero.

Philip Goldberg

Phillip Goldberg 1x1.jpg

Projects/Teaching & Residential Intern

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

From Strongsville, Ohio

Fun Fact: I know the flag of every country. 

Iris Gong

Iris Gong 1x1.jpg

Projects/Teaching & Events Intern

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

From Munster, Indiana 

Fun Fact: I can identify over 150 species of birds. 

Shane Okuhara

Shane Okuhara  1x1.jpg

Projects/Classroom & Events Intern

Junior in Mechanical Engineering

From Brownsburg, Indiana 

Fun Fact: I once ran a 5K in a chicken onesie.  

Braeden Patterson

Braeden Patterson 1x1.jpg

Events & Residential Intern

Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering 

From Southlake, Texas

Fun Fact: I can play the saxophone.