Selecting a Major (T2M)

All first-year engineering students at Purdue University begin in a first-year engineering program, and complete a set of First-Year Engineering requirements before selecting and transitioning to one of 16 disciplines, or majors, in engineering. The purpose of the first-year program is to offer students the opportunity and resources to explore various disciplines within the field of engineering while completing a common core of academic coursework required for all engineering majors, as well as meeting Purdue University foundational outcome requirements.  

The process of selecting a major is called Transition 2 Major (T2M).  Students in Goss Scholars learn about the various disciplines in engineering through programming called Engineering Your Major (EYM), led by representatives from the Engineering disciplines, and also through exploration of the various engineering majors with their Peer Mentors, who have successfully transitioned to their engineering major. Admission to engineering disciplines is based on overall academic performance as well as performance specifically in First-Year Engineering requirements.  

For detailed information about the requirements and process of the Transition 2 Major, please see the College of Engineering Enrollment Managment Policy.