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Management Courses

Below are a list of courses either required and/or recommended for students in the Engineering Management master's program.

MGMT 670 Business Analytics

MGMT 620 Marketing Management

MGMT 650 Strategic Management

MGMT 660 Introduction to Operations Management


Additional Course Options

Depending upon your career and academic goals, you can incorporate additional management courses into your curriculum plan. The following list offers a sample of popular courses available each year.

MGMT 655 Competitive Strategy

MGMT 661 Management of Operating Systems

MGMT 600 Accounting for Managers

MGMT 688 Developing a Global Business Strategy

MGMT 521 Brand Management

MGMT 522 New Product Development

MGMT 544 Database Management Systems

MGMT 560 Manufacturing Planning and Control

MGMT 561 Logistics

MGMT 562 Project Management

MGMT 565 Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

MGMT 566 Global Supply Chain Management

MGMT 571 Data Mining

MGMT 572 Six Sigma and Quality Management