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Engineering Education Faculty

Core Faculty

Donna Riley
Kamyar Haghighi Head of the School of Engineering Education
Matthew Ohland
Associate Head, Professor
Research: Large-scale longitudinal studies of engineering student pathways; Team formation, education, and management CATME MIDFIELD
(765) 496-1316
Robin Adams
Associate Professor
Research: Design thinking and learning; Interdisciplinary thinking (investigating what it means to work at the interface between disciplines); Design of interdisciplinary learning environments; Strategies for connecting research on learning and teaching practice
(765) 496-3267
Edward Berger
Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Teaching with technology; Assessment of technology interventions; Non-cognitive factors and their role in student success; Discipline-based engineering education research
(765) 496-0193
Sean Brophy
Associate Professor
Research: Adaptive expertise; Reasoning with mathematics and models; Conceptual change using simulations; Technology supported learning environments; Designing assessment for learning
(765) 496-3316
Monica Cardella
Associate Professor
Director, INSPIRE Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering
Research: Engineering Learning in Informal Settings; Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering; Pre-college Engineering Education; Engineering Design
(765) 496-1206
Jennifer DeBoer
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Research: International engineering education; Education and economic development; Educational technology; Online learning; Quantitative research methods
(765) 496-0195
Heidi Diefes-Dux
Research: Models, Modeling, & Simulation; Standards-Based Grading; Faculty and Teaching Assistant Profession Development with Teaching and Learning
(765) 494-3887
Kerrie Douglas
Assistant Professor
Research: Evaluation of open online engineering courses; Rationale and evidence to justify assessment uses; Fair assessment of minority groups in engineering; Assessment as means of learning in engineering design contexts
(765) 494-6932
Audeen Fentiman
Crowley Family Professor in Engineering Education
Research: First year engineering curriculum design; Recruitment and retention of engineering students from underrepresented groups; P-12 curriculum modification leading to greater interest in and better preparation for the study of engineering; Graduate education reform; Radioactive waste management; Environmental risk assessment
(765) 494-7781
Allison Godwin
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
Research: Identity development of diverse engineers; Characterizing latent diversity (features of diversity outside of visible markers like students' underlying attitudes and mindsets); Student interactions with peers in diverse teams; How students at the intersections of multiple social identities (e.g., race, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.) experience engineering culture and navigate their identities as engineers; How non-cognitive factors (e.g., motivation, identity, etc.) impact student success; Mixed methods research
Morgan Hynes
Assistant Professor
Research: Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering; Humanistic Engineering; Pre-college Engineering Education; Engineering Design
Brent Jesiek
Associate Professor
Research: Historical and social studies of engineering, engineering education, and computing; Global engineering education; Engineering ethics and social responsibility.
Isabel Jimenez-Useche
Interim Assistant Head, First-Year Engineering Program
Research: How to better teach and learn engineering in multicultural educational environments
Michael Loui
Dale and Suzi Gallagher Professor in Engineering Education
Research: Motivation and persistence in engineering students; Identity development and affective outcomes; Ethics in engineering and computing
Krishna Madhavan
Associate Professor
Research: Focuses broadly on cyberinfrastructure for engineering education research, cyberlearning, virtual and immersive environments, and large-scale data mining tools for engineering education research
(765) 496-1247
Joyce Main
Assistant Professor
Research: Student persistence and outcomes; advising and mentoring; women in science and engineering; global engineering; social stratification; higher education; education policy
(765) 496-6052
Muhsin Menekse
Assistant Professor
Research: Students' conceptual understanding in engineering and science; Verbal interactions that can enhance productive discussions in collaborative learning settings; Metacognition and its implications for learning; Technology enhanced learning environments.
Tamara Moore
Associate Professor
Research: How engineering and engineering thinking promote learning in K-12 mathematics and science classrooms, as well as in higher-education engineering classrooms, through the paradigm of STEM integration. Support STEM integration pedagogies through curriculum development and teacher professional development. Mathematical modeling as a means for STEM integration.
(765) 496-9030
William Oakes
Professor, Engineering Education
Director of EPICS
Research: Service learning in engineering education; Impact of cognitive and non-cognitive variables on student persistence; Design in engineering education
(765) 494-3892
Alice Pawley
Associate Professor
Research: gender and race in engineering education; feminist science and technology studies; underrepresented students and faculty in engineering; feminist theory; critical race theory; intersectionality theory; institutional structure and inequality; social justice in engineering and engineering education; broadening participation in engineering education
(765) 496-1209
Mary Pilotte
Associate Professor of Engineering Practice
Director of Engineering Education Undergraduate Degree Programs
Research: engineering culture and professional practice; generational knowledge transfer; person-thing orientations in engineering; neurodiversity in engineering classrooms and practice.
Senay Purzer
Associate Professor
Research: Design education and assessment at the intersection of critical thinking and creative thinking.
(765) 496-1684
David Radcliffe
Kamyar Haghighi Head and Epistemology Professor Emeritus of Engineering Education
Research: Interdisciplinary research methods in engineering education; Design thinking and engineering knowledge creation; Engineering design and design management in industry; Sustainable systems design; Professional formation of engineers in practice
(765) 494-3884
Karl Smith
Cooperative Learning Professor (Part-Time)
Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor and Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota
Research: Building rigorous research capabilities in engineering education. The role of cooperation in learning and design. Teamwork. Project and knowledge management and leadership.
(765) 494-9713
Ruth Streveler
Associate Professor
Research: How students learn engineering; Difficult concepts in science and engineering Student misconceptions; Conducting rigorous research in engineering education
(765) 496-9031
Phillip Wankat
Clifton L. Lovell Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering and Professor Emeritus of Engineering Education
Research: Improving engineering education and separation processes.
(765) 494-0814

Adjunct Faculty

Monica Cox
Adjunct Associate Professor
(614) 247-8953

Courtesy Appointments

Gary Bertoline
Dean, College of Technology
Courtesy Faculty of Engineering Education
(765) 494-2552
George Bodner
Arthur Kelly Distinguished Professor, Chemical Education
Courtesy Faculty of Engineering Education
(765) 494-5313
Patrice Buzzanell
Distinguished Professor of Communication; Butler Chair and Director of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence
Affiliated Faculty: Center for Families; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS); Center for Research on Diversity and Inclusion (CRDI); Courtesy Faculty in Engineering Education
(765) 494-3317
Brenda Capobianco
Professor, Science Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction; Affiliated Faculty in Women's Studies; Courtesy Faculty of Engineering Education
(765) 494-9635
Nathalie Duval-Couetil
Associate Professor of Technology, Leadership, and Innovation; Director, Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program; Associate Director, Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship; Courtesy Faculty of Engineering Education
Research: Multidisciplinary entrepreneurship education; Environments and conditions that foster entrepreneurial activity among students; Educational program evaluation and assessment; Women and leadership; Market and technology assessment
(765) 494-7068
William Graziano
Professor of Psychology Sciences
Courtesy Faculty
(765) 494-7224
S. Selcen Guzey
Assistant Professor of Science Education, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction and Dept. of Biological Sciences, Courtesy faculty of Engineering Education
Research: Integration of engineering into K-12 science classrooms; Influences of integrated STEM education approaches on student achievement and interest; Effective integrated STEM teaching approaches; Life STEM Education
Leah Jamieson
Courtesy Faculty of Engineering Education, Ransburg Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and John A. Edwardson Dean Emerita of Engineering
(765) 494-3653
Alejandra Magana Deleon
Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology
Courtesy Faculty
Sharra Vostral
Associate Professor Of History
Courtesy Faculty
Research: Gender & Technology; Gender & medicine; Material Culture; 20th century US popular culture
(765) 494-4132
Carla Zoltowski
Asst Prof Of Engr Practice Of Ece
Research: Professional formation of engineers; Diversity and inclusion in engineering; Design thinking and learning; Engineering ethics
(765) 494-3559