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Submitting an Application: Research Statement

Submit online a research statement of up to 500 words that describes your research background, interests, goals, and questions.

If you are seeking financial assistance through a research assistantship, it is particularly important that you browse the research activities of our faculty and identify what type of research you would like to work in. Your Statement of Purpose and Research Statement are our main tools for routing your application to the appropriate faculty member for review and, ultimately, determining which students we will offer financial assistance to.

Tip: This statement need not be long (e.g., one page single-spaced), but it should be carefully prepared (e.g., clear, well-organized, grammatical, engaging), grounded in your understanding of your particular engineering education research interests, and emphasizing your capabilities as a researcher. While we do not anticipate that you will have decided on your research goals, we do expect that you will have familiarized yourself with engineering education research (e.g., through journals, conferences, mentors, peers, faculty research areas, etc.) and have identified potential research directions or questions you would like to pursue in our program and map to your overall professional goals.