April 8, 2024

EEE Research Seminar- April 16

The speaker for the EEE Research Seminar on Tuesday, April 16 is Dr. David Warsinger, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.

Please see attached for more information.

Registration for Fall 2024

Registration for Fall 2024 is currently closed until April 22 at 8AM.

Please find registration time ticket group information here: https://www.purdue.edu/registrar/currentStudents/students/registrationFaq.html

Summer 2024 Candidacy

If you are planning to graduate in Summer 2024, please email Michelle at EEEgrad@purdue.edu, and please ensure your Plan of Study is fully approved by May 1st, if not already.
If there are questions, please email EEEgrad@purdue.edu.

Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF) Events

Please see this link for upcoming ISF events.

Purdue Calendars

Various drop/add calendar with deadlines, and future years of academic calendars can be found at https://www.purdue.edu/registrar/calendars/index.html.

EEE Student News Submission

Did you win an award/scholarship, land some funding, go to a conference, or do something else amazing? EEE wants to know about it! Fill out this form.


If you have questions related to the EEE Graduate Program, please e-mail EEEgrad@purdue.edu.