November 20, 2023

Virtual Seminar with Dr. Julian Allwood: "Making (good) things happen"

Dr. Julian Allwood, FREng, Professor of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Cambridge, will present a virtual seminar on November 30th, from 10:30-11:30AM. The title of the seminar is “Making (good) things happen.”
More information may be found here (link) and attached here.

Invitation to Seminars

From Dr. Rebecca Ciez:
EEE grad. students are welcome to attend the following hour-long seminars:
Wednesday, November 29, 1-2 PM, POTR 234, Dr. Payne will be leading a discussion related to designing assessments and incorporating real-world and experiential learning opportunities.
Wednesday, December 6, 1-2 PM, POTR 234, Dr. Zakharov (Purdue Libraries & School of Information Studies) will discuss an ongoing NSF project related to promoting critical thinking.

Spring 2024 Registration

Registration for graduate students, for Spring 2024, is currently closed and will re-open on Monday, December 4.
More information about Spring 2024 registration may be found here:

Spring 2024 Plans of Study

Those graduating in Spring 2024 should have their Plans of Study submitted right away.
Those aiming to complete their preliminary exams in Spring 2024 should also have their Plans of Study submitted.
If there are any questions, please contact Michelle (

Job Corner with Ms. Whelton

I am sure you are all ready for a break. Thanksgiving vacation is a great time to apply for job opportunities and graduate school or to polish up your resume and LinkedIn account. Putting in a little extra time over the holiday when you don’t have classes can really help with your job search. While meeting with family and friends over the break, you could also practice your elevator speech and ask for their feedback. Meeting and talking with a variety of people is a great way to “practice” your networking skills. In addition, by speaking with people about EEE and your specific interests you might learn about a job opportunity! 
Not sure how to network? Here are some tips to get you started. The tips at the end for starting conversation are in regard to non-career fair discussions. When you have a short time meeting with a recruiter you need to talk about your interests and skills and relate them to the company. Some networking tips are found here.  
As we head into the end of the fall semester, many of you have or will be hearing from companies. If you have a job offer, check out the CCO online. The CCO gives some good information on evaluating job offers, negotiating aspects of your position, and even how to professionally accept or decline an offer:  
The Career Portal provides online free support for the job search via employer research, salary date, and interview and resume guides. If you have questions on an offer or on comparing offers and would like advice, contact me. I have helped many EEEs with salaries and negotiating their offers. 
Enjoy the break!

Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF) Events

Please see this link for upcoming ISF events.

Purdue Calendars

Various drop/add calendar with deadlines, and future years of academic calendars can be found at

EEE Student News Submission

Have you accomplished something noteworthy (award, scholarship/fellowship, publication, poster presentation, internship, full-time job) that you’d like to share with EEE? Please send Jess Mehr the basic info, high-quality photo, and a quote about your honor and she will likely (not guaranteed) promote it on social media or choose to write an article for the web site.
Please see the attachment for more details.


If you have questions related to the EEE Graduate Program, please e-mail