Outstanding Service Award 2019-2020

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes the engineering graduate students who provide outstanding service to the graduate student community, the School, the College, and/or the University. Renee Obringer was chosen to receive this award. Obringer has successfully defended her PhD in EEE and focuses her research on integrating data science with climate science to understand the impact of climate change on urban water systems. 

Obringer really enjoys outreach work and over the past few years has helped with the graduate student recruitment for both EEE and her interdisciplinary graduate program. “These recruiting events have been an opportunity to share my experiences at Purdue, but also encourage other women to pursue graduate degrees in engineering, which is something that I am personally passionate about,” says Obringer. She’s also been able to give back to the greater Lafayette community by judging science fair competitions and doing outreach events at local elementary schools.

“I have really enjoyed working with people from all ages to share my research and encourage others to share theirs. This award is the recognition of that work. It is especially meaningful as I finish my time here at Purdue--it feels like the culmination of all the service work I have done over the past five years. Going forward, I plan to stay in academia, and ultimately work as a professor.”