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Affiliate Faculty

Faculty Home department Area of expertise
2017-19 cohort
Shreyas Sundaram Image result for shreyas sundaram Electrical and Computer Engineering Control theory and security
Shreyas Sen Image result for shreyas sen Electrical and Computer Engineering Body coupled communication
Nicolo Michelusi Image result for nicolo michelusi Electrical and Computer Engineering Physical layer wireless
Ashraf Alam Image result for ashraf alam purdue Electrical and Computer Engineering Reliability physics, reliability of sensors and solar cells
Harsha Honnappa Image result for harsha honnappa Industrial Engineering Stochastic modeling
Vaneet Aggarwal Related image Industrial Engineering Cloud and storage systems
Andrew Liu Image result for andrew liu purdue Industrial Engineering Resilience in power systems
Ilias Bilionis Image result for Ilias Bilionis purdue Mechanical Engineering Uncertainty, Machine Learning
Luciano Castillo Image result for Luciano Castillo purdue Mechanical Engineering Resilient Energy Systems (wind, microgrids)
Dulcy M. Abraham Civil Engineering; Construction Engineering and Management Resilient construction practices; Environmental issues in construction
Makarand Hastak Civil Engineering; Construction Engineering and Management Disaster risk reduction; Resilience and capacity building
David Yu Civil Engineering, Political Science Community resilience; Disaster management
Jian Jin Agricultural & Biological Engineering Agricultural sensing; Plant phenotyping
Shweta Singh Agricultural & Biological Engineering; Environmental & Ecological Engineering Resilience in Circular Economy; Sustainable Manufacturing; Food-Energy-Water nexus
Karen Marais Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Safety and Risk Analysis; Systems Engineering Education
Dengfeng Sun Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Large scale infrastructure systems; Intelligent transportation systems; Unmanned aerial vehicle systems
Shaoshuai Mou Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Distributed Control and Optimizations; Multi-Agent Networks
Hany Abdel-Khalik Nuclear Engineering Cybersecurity of nuclear power plants; Uncertainty analysis
Raghu Pasupathy Image result for Raghu Pasupathy purdue Statistics Stochastic optimization; Uncertainty modeling

2019 - 21 cohort
Carol Handwerker Materials Engineering Polycrystalline microstructure design; Developing nanoparticle-based structures for circuit assembly
Somali Chaterji Agricultural and Biological Engineering Epigenomic data analytics; High-performance computing for genomics; Regulatory genomics
Tiark Rompf Computer Science Lightweight Modular Staging (LMS)
Chunyi Peng Computer Science 4G/5G mobile networks; AI in Mobile Systems; Network Security