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Socio Technical Resilience

Notable Courses (Past + Present) Taught by Socio-Technical Resilience Faculty

Dulcy M. Abraham

CE 497 - Sustainable Waste Management through Engagement, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Education

EPICS 101/201/301/401/402-024 - BGI: Engineering Projects in Community Service-Boiler Green Initiative

CE 59700-060 - Water Resource Assessment and Management – A Global Perspective


Ilias Bilionis

ME 270 – Basic Mechanics I (Statics)

ME 274 - Basic Mechanics II (Dynamics)


Shweta Singh

ABE 307 : Momentum Transfer in Food and Biological Systems

EEE 430 : Industrial Ecology and Life Cycle Analysis

David Yu

CE 398 - Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems Design

POL 223 - Introduction to Environmental Policy

CE 597 / POL 693: Introduction to Modeling Social-ecological, Socio-hydrological, and Socio-technical System