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Our People

Our leadership team: (From L) Aldo Scutari, Felix Lin, Shreyas Syndaram, Jitesh Panchal, Saurabh Bagchi, and Nadia Gkritza.


Saurabh Bagchi
Professor Of Electrical And Computer Engineering
(765) 494-1741
EE 329
Jitesh Panchal
Associate Director
Associate Professor Of Mechanical Engineering
(765) 496-1870
ME 2192
Shreyas Sundaram
Associate Director
Associate Professor Of Ece

Thrust Leads

Konstantina Gkritza
Thrust Lead for Civil Infrastructures
Assc Prof Of Civil Engr And Abe
Xiaozhu Lin
Thrust Lead for Internet of Things
Assistant Professor School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
(765) 496-6610
EE 324B
Gesualdo Scutari
Thrust Lead for Optimization
Associate Professor Industrial Engr
(765) 494-7342
GRIS 384