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Congratulations to Xuan Wang for his Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship!

Our PhD student Xuan Wang was selected to receive the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship, which provides support for outstanding Ph.D. candidates in their final year of doctoral degree completion. The goal of the fellowship, awarded by the Dean of Purdue’s Graduate School, is to allow exceptional candidates to focus exclusively on finishing their dissertation.


Autonomous & Intelligent Multi-agent Systems (AIMS) Lab aims to investigate autonomy and intelligence for networked systems consisting of multiple unmanned mobile agents, through combination of theories in control, networks, optimizations and artificial intelligence. We are interested in both theoretical research towards novel control algorithms for coordination among a large-network of mobile agents and experimental implementations for improving autonomy and intelligence of the  overall networked system. 

We give our sincere thanks to our funding agencies including National Science Foundation (NSF), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Northrop Grumman Corportation, Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).


Featured Research

  • AI-assisted Dynamic Planning for Multi-Agent Networks with Human in the Loop
  • Resilience for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Swarms
  • Autonomy in Unknown, Dynamic and Adversarial Environment
  • Multi-Agent Learning from Limited Data
  • Distributed Algorithms for Control and Optimizations

Center for Innovation in Control, Optimization and Networks (ICON)

AIMS Lab is affiliated with the Center for ICON which aims to integrate classical theories in control, optimization and networks with recent advance in AI, learning and big data to address fundamental challenges in autonomous and connected systems. 

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