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Autonomous & Intelligent Multi-agent Systems (AIMS) Lab aims to investigate autonomy and intelligence for networked systems consisting of multiple unmanned mobile agents, through combination of theories in control, networks, optimizations and artificial intelligence. We are interested in both theoretical research towards novel control algorithms for coordination among a large-network of mobile agents and experimental implementations for improving autonomy and intelligence of the  overall networked system. 

We give our sincere thanks to Northrop Grumman for their great support of our research.

We are Hiring!

AIMS Lab has two opening Ph.D. positions. One for AI-assisted Multi-Agent Networks; the other one for AI-assisted Cybersecurity. Graduate students with interest in applications of AI and a strong background in network, control and optimizations are welcome to apply.

Featured Research Projects

AI-assisted Multi-agent Networks in Dynamically Changing Environment

  • Objective: Develop distributed planning and control solutions that adapt to dynamic conditions in support of missions that require real-time management of a range of resources.
  • Applications: Search and rescue missions; Natural disaster response; Identifying and tracking moving vehicles; Sensors on moving platforms.

AI-assisted Adaptive Autonomy in Cybersecurity

  • Objective: Integrate recent advances in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) with control theories and distributed optimizations in multi-agent networks to deliver transformational technologies for adaptive autonomy in cyber security. By utilizing the advantages of AI in automatically analyzing data, providing timely decisions and learning with experience, the proposed research will employ AI-assisted methodologies to provide training datasets for cyber-security, develop autonomous decision making in real-time situation awareness, and enhance network security monitoring for large-scale networks in a fully distributed scenario.
  • Applications: Automated cyber-security in large-scale networks.

Resilient Distributed Information Fusion in Hostile and Dynamic Environments

Location & Contact

AIMS Lab is located at Neil Armstrong Building at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907.  Contact:



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