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March 6, 2018

Sandia seminar on trust in microelectronics-based systems

Dr. Brandon Eames, a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, will address Purdue researchers and educators on trust in microelectronics-based systems. The hosts are CRISP affiliate faculty Shreyas Sundaram and Director Saurabh Bagchi.
November 28, 2017

Netflix engineer to talk about "Chaos Engineering"

Netflix engineer, Dr. Lorin Hochstein, will give a talk about reliability engineering in Netflix services. This will be given as part of the graduate class "Fault tolerant computer system design". Any member of the Purdue community is welcome to attend in person or over Webex.
November 20, 2017

CRISP associate director Milind Kulkarni wins NSF SPX award

CRISP Associate Director, Milind Kulkarni has won a research grant from the National Science Foundation's Scalable Parallelism in the Extreme (SPX) program. The grant is collaborative with faculty at Indiana University Bloomington and Washington University in St. Louis and will last for 3 years (Aug 2018-Jul 2021).
November 15, 2017

CRISP work on cybersecurity and game theory is profiled

The work done by CRISP Director, Saurabh Bagchi, and faculty colleagues, Shreyas Sundaram (ECE) and Tim Cason (Economics), is profiled in a Purdue news story. The work is dealing with applying game theory to cybersecurity.
September 23, 2017

Resilience in computational genomics work highlighted

Work done by CRISP researchers, Kanak Mahadik, Associate Director Milind Kulkarni, and Director Saurabh Bagchi on resilience in computational genomics has been highlighted at the ACM bioinformatics conference called BCB held in Boston in August 2017. The work shows for the first time how to speed up genomic assembly, while correcting errors in reads, by running on a cluster of Hadoop nodes.
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