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Zahra Ghodsi Expertise

Dr. Ghodsi's research focuses on building secure frameworks for emerging intelligent devices and applications, and spans applied cryptography, machine learning, and systems. Her work bridges the gap between these areas by optimizing algorithms, models, and hardware systems together and building specialized solutions for resource constrained settings. Most recently, she is focusing on the following problems: i) Building distributed learning frameworks with assurances on privacy, anonymity, and robustness in the presence of malicious actors under highly heterogeneous settings, ii) Addressing issues in auditability and governance of machine learning systems by incorporating mechanisms to ensure integrity of the product through all the steps of its life cycle from acquiring data, training models, and deploying models in production; and iii) Improving the accessibility and practicality of secure computing by building automated mixed-protocol solutions, and accelerating cryptographic protocols in hardware to improve their performance in real world applications.


Areas of expertise: Trustworthy machine learning; Applied cryptography