CE Safety Info and Emergency Contacts

Immediate Emergency Notifications

  • In a life-threatening emergency always dial 911 from a public or campus telephone
  • Purdue Fire Department: 49-46919
  • Purdue Police Department: 49-48221

Medical Facilities

Health & Safety

  • Radiological & Environmental Management (REM): 49-46371

Purdue University Maintenance

  • Physical Facilities Services: 49-49999
  • Physical Facilities Zone Maintenance: 49-41773
  • After Hours/Weekend Maintenance: 49-48221

Building Related Problems

Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM:
Contact CIVL Building Deputy - Alan Holtman, 49-40189
Alternate Building Contact - Rita Butz, 49-42256

Weekends and after 5:00PM daily:
Contact First Responder (Purdue Police) at 49-48221

If you are uncomfortable contacting the First Responder, you may contact the person whose information is listed on each lab door.