CE Safety Info and Emergency Contacts

Safety is a priority for Purdue and for the Lyles School of Civil Engineering and we support the right to a safe and healthy work and study place. Everyone has a personal and shared responsibility to work together cooperatively to prevent workplace injuries and illness. Your safety and health responsibilities include:

  • Taking reasonable care to protect yourself and others who may be affected by your actions or omissions
  • Proper use of safety equipment, clothing, and devices
  • Cooperating with workplace safety and health representatives
  • Cooperating with others on workplace safety and health matters

Please use the information on this page and those linked, at left, to learn of other safety facts and requirements.

Immediate Emergency Notifications

  • In a life-threatening emergency always dial 911 from a public or campus telephone
  • Purdue Fire Department: 49-46919
  • Purdue Police Department: 49-48221

Medical Facilities

Health & Safety

  • Radiological & Environmental Management (REM): 49-46371

Purdue University Maintenance

  • Physical Facilities Services: 49-49999
  • Physical Facilities Zone Maintenance: 49-47646
  • After Hours/Weekend Maintenance: 49-48221

Building Related Problems

Monday through Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM:
Contact HAMP Building Deputy – Alan Holtman, 49-40189
or contact the CE Main Office, 49-42166

Weekends and after 5:00PM daily:
Contact First Responder (Purdue Police) at 49-48221 or contact the person whose info is listed on the lab door.