Emergency Procedures: Shelter-in-Place and Evacuation


  • Shelter-in-Place when you hear the All Hazards Emergency Warning Sirens, or when directed by Police or fire department personnel.
  • Shelter-in-place procedures must take into account the nature of the emergency. If you are directed to shelter-in-place but are unaware of the specific reason, proceed to the basement but continue to seek additional information to determine the type of incident. Once you have determined the type of emergency, follow the chart below:

Emergency Assembly Areas for Civil Engineering

Emergency Emergency Assembly Area (EAA)
Weather-Related Basement corridors, basement offices, basement restrooms
HazMat Remain in unaffected office or work area and close windows
Civil Disturbance Remain in place and take shelter under desk or other barrier. For an active shooter, seek a safe location, preferably a room without windows that can be locked or secured by barriers.


  • Evacuate immediately if you hear the fire alarm or are instructed to leave the building.
  • Use the stairways only. Do not use elevators.
  • Notify others on your way out. If possible, help those needing assistance, but do not put yourself at risk.
  • Report to the Emergency Assembly Area (in front of the Pharmacy Building, or in the atrium of Armstrong in case of inclement weather).
Map of Emergency Assembly Areas for Civil Engineering