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What should I do when a CE course is closed (full) and I need it?

  1. Continue to check myPurdue for space availability. To manage course enrollment, seats are often incrementally opened. For example, a senior level course may have seats added on Tuesday or Wednesday of senior registration week, or a 300 level course taken by seniors and juniors may have seats added during junior registration week. This promotes even enrollment in course sections and allows students in different time tickets an equal opportunity at seats.
  2. Submit a Form 23 (signed by student & advisor) to the CE Main Office in CIVL 1141 that includes your name, PUID, and the CE course(s) that you need. This is not a wait list, but rather a way for our office to assess the need for a particular course. Do not make a submission if you are already enrolled in the course but desire a different section (time slot).

Keep in mind:

  1. MyPurdue is a first-come, first-serve system. While students who registered before you have more credits and rightfully were given an earlier time ticket, we understand that waiting for your desired class(es) can be unsettling. If you wish to consider alternate courses, make an appointment with your primary advisor to discuss appropriate alternatives. Be aware that while you may be able to make adjustments, many times the original course should remain your first priority and you should continue to check myPurdue for available space.
  2. If it is early in the registration season (semester does not begin for a few more weeks), experience indicates that there will be many changes in course status as time progresses.
    1. Many courses have stated prerequisites that students are currently enrolled in. Students who fail the required prerequisite(s) will no longer meet the requirement. Therefore, course enrollment may change as early as within a few days of grades being posted for the current semester, as students adjust their own schedules accordingly.
    2. The Office of the Registrar also does a prerequisite review prior to the onset of each term to remove students from courses for which they do not have proper prerequisites. Thus, students who have not already taken action on their own will be removed from courses for which they do not meet prerequisites.
  3. If a critical course is closed, a department can request a larger room to accommodate more students. This often cannot be done until later in the registration season, as other departments recognize (based on low enrollment) their ability to move to a smaller venue.
  4. Lastly, during the first week of classes you can ask a CE instructor for permission to enroll in a closed section. If there is physical space in the room (this must be verified by the CE Schedule Deputy), the instructor has the ability to allow the update. A Form 23 is required. The instructor must sign and date the form indicating approval for the CLOSED override. Take the completed form to CE Schedule Deputy in CIVL 4120.