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Lyles School of Civil Engineering
Undergraduate Scholarship Application 2024-2025

There are many benefits to being awarded a Civil Engineering named scholarship, such as increased opportunity to network within the civil engineering community. All students who will be enrolled as an undergraduate student pursuing a BSCE degree in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering in the Fall 2024 semester are welcome to apply for School scholarships. Many scholarships list specific criteria. Completion of this application provides further information to assist in evaluating candidates. Therefore, students are urged to make use of this application to enhance consideration for scholarships awarded through the Lyles School of Civil Engineering.

Applications must be submitted by April 5, 2024 to be considered for 2024-2025 opportunities.

Recipients will be notified in late summer.

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  • Prepare a thank you letter to the donor summarizing my background and future career goals electronically submitted.

An Equal Access/Equal Opportunity University

At Purdue University, the selection of academic school and other University department scholarships are reviewed on an individual basis. This individual attention allows the scholarship selection committees to take a holistic approach in the evaluation of the student when reviewing and selecting scholarship recipients. Purdue University strives to utilize scholarships to recruit and retain students who will add to the rich diversity of the campus environment.

One of the major goals within Purdue's strategic plan is diversity, and the individual holistic review process supports this effort. Purdue's goal is to develop a student body that is reflective of the growing diverse population. This diversity enriches the academic development for all students by allowing exposure to different views and beliefs while creating appreciation for an array of ideas and perspectives.