Undergraduate Program

Welcome to Purdue University's Lyles School of Civil Engineering. We invite you to explore our academic programs, our faculty and students, along with our current research. As you navigate through our web site you will learn more about the extraordinary opportunities that a Purdue Civil Engineering degree will offer you.

Purdue civil engineers are highly sought as many are the top leaders in the profession throughout the world. Our students are recruited and graduates are widely regarded as having the best work ethic in the country.

As students begin their engineering program they are invited to join Engineering 103 to gain insight into some of the career paths as a civil engineer. This course will highlight many topics, such as "Forensic Investigation of the Collapse for the Kinzua Viaduct" and "Smog Eating Cements and Pollution Reduction".

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Purdue's status as a major research institution offers distinct advantages to undergraduate students. These include interaction with outstanding faculty members on a daily basis, choices of a large array of course offerings, and hands-on involvement in research. The Lyles School of Civil Engineering's state-of-the-art research facilities include more than 20 research and teaching laboratories, two large computer laboratories, and classrooms. Research program opportunities including SURF and JTRP provides a dedicated laboratory experience to strengthen integrated, research-related, hands-on learning through discovery.

Specialty Groups

New technology and industry's demand for design, team experiences and interdisciplinary research evolves education and discovery. The Lyles School of Civil Engineering leads in educational discovery with nine academic engineering specialty groups: architectural engineering, construction engineering, environmental engineering, geomatics engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic and hydrologic engineering, materials engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering.

Degrees and Programs

Incoming students are admitted to the First-Year Engineering Program, which provides a plan of study to all freshman engineering students. After satisfactory completion of the Freshmen Engineering Program requirements, students may enter the Lyles School of Civil Engineering to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE). To enhance your learning experience you may choose to study abroad or participate in the CE Honors Program.

Combined BSCE + MSCE Program

A combined BSCE + MSCE program is available for outstanding Civil Engineering undergraduate students. This program can be completed in as little as five years (non-thesis and thesis option MSCE are possible) and result in receiving both the BSCE and MSCE degrees.
The BSCE + MSCE program is a mechanism for:

  • Providing a seamless transition from the BSCE to the MSCE program
  • Stimulating interest in graduate study for advanced learning which would support more opportunities and faster advancement in professional and research/academic careers.
  • Allowing for special recognition of high levels of academic achievement.

The BSCE + MSCE program allows students to take up to 6 credits of graduate coursework (500 level) toward their BSCE professional elective requirement. These same 6 credits likewise count toward the MSCE degree.  Additional graduate level courses taken in excess of the bachelor’s requirement may also be eligible for transfer to a MSCE program for a total of 12 credits (6 dual counted; 6 excess).

Interested students typically apply as an “internal CE applicant” in the first half of their junior year with  a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.3 or higher. If the internal application is accepted, the student would apply for combined program status to begin in the first semester of their senior year. A GPA of 3.3 must be maintained during combined program status. Grades of “B” or better must be earned for any course that would be dual counted.

Complete details of the combined BSCE + MSCE program can be found at:

Questions about this information should be directed to cegrad@purdue.edu

BSCE/MBA 5-Year Program

The Lyles School of Civil Engineering, in conjunction with the Krannert School of Management, offers an integrated five-year BSCE/MBA program to high-achieving students, Each year a significant number of engineering graduates pursue MBAs at U.S. business schools. The MBA is seen as a complement to the engineer’s technical education, providing an understanding of the business context within which many technical decisions are made. Many employers also have a strong preference for hiring MBA’s with engineering backgrounds, particularly in the manufacturing and technology sectors, in which Krannert and the College of Engineering enjoy many longstanding relationships with leading employers. The BSCE/MBA combined degree offering will provide top BSCE students an efficient and cost-effective path for developing management knowledge as well as the highly valued credential of an MBA degree. It will also open new job opportunities for the program graduates that expedite their progression to high-level management positions.
Basic admission requirements include:

  1. Maintain a 3.5 graduation GPA.
  2. Secure at least one session of internship and/or co-op work experience prior to the senior year.
  3. Secure advanced credit (preferably math) or take summer courses in your CE program.
  4. Complete an application and successfully interview with the Krannert School of Management faculty for a spot in the class.

More info on the BSCE/MBA program can be found at:

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012 – telephone: (410) 347-7700, www.abet.org.