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C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture

15th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
4:00 p.m., Friday, October 20, 2017
Lawson Hall, Room 1142, Purdue University

Professor Ross W. Boulanger
University of California, Davis
Seismic response of an embankment on loose saturated sand treated with soil-cement panels: Centrifuge Tests and Numerical Analyses

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14th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Friday, November 4, 2016
Ross Ade Pavilion, Shively Media Center, Purdue University

Professor Richard Jardine
Imperial College, London
Geotechnics and Energy

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13th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
4:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Lawson 1142, Purdue University

Professor Emeritus Michele Jamiolkowski
Technical University of Torino, Studio Geotecnico Italiano
Soil Mechanics and the Observational Method: Foundation Challenges at the Zelazny Most Tailings Storage Facility

(Informal Lecture)
The Behavior of the Leaning Tower of Pisa 15 Years After the End of Stabilization Works
1:30p.m., Thursday, September 24, 2015
Lawson 1142, Purdue University

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12th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
October 1, 2014

Dr. James D. Murff
Evolution of Offshore Geotechnical Engineering

Cold Regions Engineering: The 50th Anniversary of the Purdue Permafrost Conference (1963-2013) and Remembrance of C. W. Lovell
Friday, November 15, 2013

To commemorate the 50 years since the First International Conference, the organizing committee, would like to invite you to attend the Cold Regions Engineering: The 50th Anniversary of the Purdue Permafrost Conference (1963-2013) and Remembrance of C. W. Lovell on Friday, November 15, 2013 at the Bowen Laboratory, Purdue University, Room 1003.

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Conference Program

11th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
October 17, 2012

Prof. Scott Sloan, Laureate Professor
ARC Center of Excellence in Geotechnical Science and Engineering
University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Geotechnical Stability Analysis

10th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
October 20, 2011

Prof. Heinz Brandl
Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Theory and Practice of Near-Surface Geothermal Geotechnics (Energy Foundations and Other Thermo-Active Ground-Source Systems)

Panel Discussion – Engineering Alternative Energy Solutions

Special Lecture "Retaining Structures and Highways/Railways along Sliding Slopes", 10:30 am, October 20 in ARMS 1103. Prof. Brandl presented this lecture at the Prof. E. DeBeer 100-Year Anniversary Lecture at Ghent State University in Belgium earlier this month.

9th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
April 14, 2011

Thomas D. O'Rourke
Thomas R. Briggs Professor of Engineering
Geohazards and Large Geographically Distributed Systems

8th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
October 26, 2009

Dr. Delwyn G. Fredlund
Paradigm Shifts that Facilitate the Practice of Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

7th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
October 21, 2008

Prof. David Potts
Using Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering Practice


6th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
September 21, 2007

R. Kerry Rowe
Long-Term Performance of Contaminant Barrier Systems

Panel Discussion

5th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
October 5, 2006

James K. Mitchell
Geotechnics: The Past, The Present, and Future Challenges and Opportunities

Panel Discussion

4th C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
October 31, 2005

Malcolm Bolton
Geotechnical Research in Aid of the Decision-maker

Panel Discussion

3rd C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
February 1, 2005

Harry Poulos
Pile Behavior – Consequences of Geological and Construction Imperfections

2nd C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
April 18, 2004

Kenji Ishihara
Performance of Piles as Evaluated by Three-Layer Model

1st C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture
May 12, 2003

Mark Randolph
Science and Empiricism in Pile Foundation Design

About C.W. Lovell

C.W. Lovell

Professor Emeritus C. William Lovell's (1922-2013) career of teaching, research, consulting and practice extended over a period of 45 years. His research interests were broad and varied including: soft rocks (shales), compaction and compacted properties, soil fabric and pore size distribution, slope stability and erosion, cold weather problems, pavements, and uses of waste materials in geotechnical engineering. He supervised almost fifty theses.

Prof. Lovell was an active individual who served Purdue and the community in numerous ways. The establishment of this Distinguished Lecture is one such effort.

About the C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture

Beginning in 2003, the C W Lovell Distinguished Lecture series was established through the generosity of Prof. Lovell, who expressed an interest in creating a lecture series at Purdue that will have staying power—one in which a track record of scholarship is clearly established. Thus, each year, the Geotechnical group at Purdue has invited lecturers to Purdue with outstanding accomplishments in Geotechnical engineering research. The lecture series creates an excellent opportunity for our graduate students to meet some of the most important names in Geotechnical engineering in person at Purdue.

C.W. Lovell Distinguished Lecture Purdue Geotechnical Engineering