Faculty Research Projects/Publications

Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Engineering


  1. Continuous Flow Intersection Performance Measures Using Connected Vehicle Data
  2. Integrated Performance Measures for Bus Rapid Transit System and Traffic Signal Systems Using Trajectory Data
  3. Assessment of Indiana Unmanned Aerial System Crash Scene Mapping Program
  4. Pavement Quality Evaluation Using Connected Vehicle Data
  5. Using Connected Truck Trajectory Data to Compare Speeds in States with and without Differential Truck Speeds
  6. Salt Stockpile Inventory Management Using LiDAR Volumetric Measurements
  7. Measuring Roadway Lane Widths Using Connected Vehicle Sensor Data
  8. Calibration and Confidence in Snowplow Fleet Operations and Fleet Telematics
  9. Leveraging Connected Vehicle Data to Assess Interstate Exit Utilization and Indentify Charging Infrastructure Investment Allocation Opportunities
  10. A Quantitative Approach for Timing the Pedestrian Walk Interval
  11. Truck and Passenger Car Connected Vehicle Penetration on Indiana Roadways
  12. Diamond Interchange Performance Measures Using Connected Vehicle Data
  13. Using Connected Vehicle Trajectory Data to Evaluate the Impact of Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement
  14. Signalized Corridor Timing Plan Change Assessment Using Connected Vehicle Data
  15. Analysis of Route Choice During Planned and Unplanned Road Closures
  16. Methodology for Monitoring Work Zones Traffic Operations Using Connected Vehicle Data
  17. Using Connected Vehicle Data for Assessing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Usage and Investment Opportunities
  18. Evaluation of the Impact of Queue Trucks with Navigation Alert Using Connected Vehicle Data
  19. Identifying Vehicle Turning Movements at Intersections from Trajectory Data
  20. Using Connected Vehicle Data to Evaluate Traffic Signal Performance and Driver Behavior after Changing Left turns Phasing
  21. Diverging Diamond Interchange Performance Measures Using Connected Vehicle Data
  22. Longitudinal Performance Assessment of Traffic Signal System Impacted by Long-term Interstate Construction Diversion using Connected Vehicle Data
  23. Estimation of Connected Vehicle Penetration on US Roads in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
  24. A Proactive Approach to Evaluating Intersection Safety Using Hard-Braking Data
  25. Big Data Applications for Managing Roadways
  26. Deriving Operational Traffic Signal Performance Measures from Vehicle Trajectory Data
  27. Using Connected Vehicle Data to Reassess Dilemma Zone Performance of Heavy Vehicles
  28. Methodology for Evaluating Impact of Actuated Traffic Signal Control on Connected Vehicle Green Light Prediction
  29. Effects of a Probability-Based Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory on Dilemma Zone Exposure
  30. Connected vehicle corridor deployment and performance measures for assessment

Monographs and Books

  1. Performance-Based Management of Traffic Signals: NCHRP Research Report 954
  2. Integrating Traffic Signal Performance Measures into Agency Business Processes
  3. Signal Timing Manual: Second Edition
  4. Performance Measures for Traffic Signal Systems: An Outcome-Oriented Approach
  5. 2012 Indiana Mobility Report: Full Version
  6. Roadway System Assessment Using Bluetooth-Based Automatic Vehicle Identification Travel Time Data

Full Listing of Publications and Proceedings, January 2023

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  • Feng, Y., Hourdos, J., Davis, G.A., 2014. Probe vehicle based real-time traffic monitoring on urban roadways. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. V40, 160-178.

For the complete list of my publication, please see my Google Scholar page:

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  • Complete list of publications available here
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For the complete list of Dr. Wang's publications and patents, please see the Google Scholar page: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=hdKpuOEAAAAJ&hl=en

Current Research Projects

  • Using Emerging and Extraordinary Data Sources as Means to Improve Traffic Safety (JTRP, 2018-2020)
  • Developing a Process and Tools for Quality Control of Crash Data (2018-2020, INDOT)
  • Identification of Safety Problems on County Roads: Methods and Tools for Local Agencies (2018-2019, LTAP)
  • Analysis of Indiana Observational Data of Seatbelts Use and Traffic Safety Research with CODES Data (2017-2018, NHTSA/ICJI)
  • Improving and Applying the SNIP Tool to Screening the Indiana Road Network (2017-2018, INDOT)
  • System-wide Safety and Mobility Effects of Changing Speed Limits on Indiana Freeways, 2016-2019, JTRP)
  • Building, Evaluating, and Improving LiDAR-based Traffic Scanner Prototypes for Implementation to INDOT Practice (2016-2019, JTRP)
  • Systemic Safety Countermeasures Decision Guide and Updating the Indiana Crash Reduction Factors (2015-2017, JTRP)
  • Guaranteed LiDAR-aided Multi-object Tracking at Road Intersections (2014-2015, NEXTRANS)
  • Performance of Alternative Diamond Interchange Forms (2014-2016, JTRP)
  • Stationary LiDAR for Traffic and Safety Applications - Vehicles Interpretation and Tracking (2012-2013, NEXTRANS)
  • Upgrading RoadHAT - Collision Diagram Builder and HSM Elements (2012-2014, JTRP)
  • In-service Performance Assessment of Road Barriers in Indiana (2012-2014, JTRP)
  • Performance Assessment Measure That Indicates Geometry Sufficiency of State Highways (2011-2013, JTRP)
  • A Systematic Approach of Identifying Safety Intervention Programs for Indiana, (2011-2013, JTRP)
  • Best Practices for INDOT-Funded Work-zone Police Patrols (2010-2012, JTRP)
  • 2011 Indiana TACT - Evaluation of the Program Effectiveness (2010-2011, FMCSA/ISP)
  • GIS-based Safety Management for Indiana - Five-percent Report (2010-2011, INDOT)
  • CODES - Linking Hospital Data with Police Crash Records (2008-2013, NHTSA/IDHS)
  • TACT Project - Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (2009-2010, FMCSA/ISP)
  • Analysis and Methods of Improvement of Safety at High-Speed Rural Intersections (2008-2010, JTRP)
  • Fricker, J.D., Sinha, K.C., Noureldin, M., and Stroshine, T., (2014). Employing asset management to control costs and sustain highway levels of service: Volumes I and II. Publication No. FHWA/IN/JTRP-2014/02. Joint Transportation Research Program). West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University.
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  • Dooley, F., Tyner, W., Sinha, K.C., Quear, J., Cox, L., and Cox, M., (2009). The Impacts of Biofuels on Transportation and Logistics in Indiana. Publication FHWA/IN/JTRP-2009/16. Joint Transportation Research Program, Indiana Department of Transportation and Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Oh, J., and Sinha, K.C., (2007). Alternatives to Fuel Tax: a State Level Perspective. Publication FHWA/IN/JTRP-2007/02. Joint Transportation Research Program, Indiana Department of Transportation and Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
  1. Evaluation innovative infrastructure materials. Dr. Labi has made contributions in the science of self-consolidating concrete; alternative steels for bridge deck reinforcement; and innovative/non-traditional materials for highway construction.
  2. Operational policies and fee structures for vehicle use on highways. Dr. Labi's work in this area was requested by the Indiana House of Representatives and has spawned changes in state law regarding overweight truck operations and highway cost allocation and finance.
  3. Development of tools based constrained multiple-objective optimization of infrastructure resources and investment tradeoffs. This work includes multi-objective optimization for project selection in network-level management of bridges, pavements, safety, and other highway assets, decision support system for optimal scheduling of highway maintenance, and safety improvement programming for rural two-lane highways using constrained optimization at a system-of-systems level.
  4. Derivation of theoretical constructs for assessments of infrastructure renewal effectiveness. Developed theoretical constructs and statistics/econometrics-based methodologies to assess the effectiveness, in terms of the increased longevity or enhanced condition, of emerging classes of treatments applied to highway assets (pavements and bridges).
  5. Development of frameworks for region-wide investment decision-making and impact evaluation. Incorporation of safety in network-level transportation planning; linking interstate pavement preservation investment to performance; accessibility and connectivity assessments; efficiency measurement of highway bridge replacement and rehabilitation and of the operational performance of public transportation agencies.
  6. Project management and cost estimation in highway infrastructure development. infrastructure user cost estimation; asset preservation or replacement cost functions; planning-phase cost estimation; change orders in highway construction; and time and cost overruns in construction contracts.
  • Performance Acceptance and Performance Monitoring of Pavement Using Falling Weight Deflectormer (FWD) and International Roughness Index (IRI) - Phase II, SPR-3902, Jun. 2023 - present (Serving as Co-PI)
  • Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) Overlay Performance Evaluation, SPR-4728, Jan. 23 - present. (Serving as Co-PI)
  • Performance Related Specification for Pavement Milling, SPR-4332, Jan. 19 - present. (Serving as Project Manager)
  • Remaining Service Life Prediction of Indiana Pavements Using Mechanistic, SPR-4443, Feb. 20 - present. (Serving as Project Manager)
  • Complete list of research projects available here
  • Feasibility Study and Design of On-Road Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies, INDOT/JTRP, 2018-2020
  • Public Acceptance and Socio-Economic Analysis of Shared Autonomous Vehicles: Implications for Policy and Planning, USDOT/CCAT, 2018-2019
  • Feasibility Analysis of Electric Roadways Through Localized Traffic, Cost, Adoption and Environmental Impact Modeling, US DOE ARPA-E, 2017-2019
  • AVs’ Impacts on Energy Demand and GHG Emissions, USDOT/CCAT, 2017-2019
  • Evaluating opportunities to enhance the Hoosier State Train ridership through a survey of riders' opinions and an assessment of access to the line, INDOT/JTRP, 2016-2018
  • Economic Benefits of Corridor Improvements, INDOT/JTRP, 2014-2017
  • Synthesis Study: Best Practices for Maximizing Driver Attention to Work Zone Warning Signs (End of Queue Warning Devices), INDOT/JTRP, 2014-2016
  • Heated Airport Pavements-Task 1A Energy and Financial Viability, FAA, 2013-2016
  • 21st Century National Energy and Transportation Infrastructures for Balancing Environmental Impacts, Costs, and Resiliency (NETSCORE-21), National Science Foundation EFRI-RESIN, 2008-2013