Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Workshop

Every CE grad student is required to complete an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Workshop every three years.  These are normally offered during Orientation week, however if a student is not able to attend during Orientation, they can attend any EA/EO Workshop during the semester.

The EA/EO workshop is designed to provide participants with a foundation in the areas of equal access and equal opportunity. Information on discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, disabilities, retaliation, and the process at the university for the resolution of complaints will be presented. The University's Nondiscrimination Policy Statement, Anti-harassment Policy, and Procedures for Resolving Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment will be provided to every participant. Participants are asked to assess the role personal behavior and conduct play in ensuring an inclusive university community that is free of discrimination and harassment.

Registration for the workshop must be done ahead of time.  You will need your Purdue Career Account username (alias) and password in order to access the registration session.  Briefing sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Directions for registration are below:

  1. Go to the registration site
  2. Identify an appropriate session by date, time and schedule number.
  3. Click: “+ADD TO CART” – please note that there is no cost for attending this session.
  4. Click “CHECKOUT”
  5. Enter Purdue username & password
  6. Fill in follow the instructions to register for this briefing
  7. Click: “Submit”
  8. Select an “Organizational Unit/College” –“College of Engineering”
  9. Select a “Department/School” – “Civil Engineering”
  10. Select a “Staff Type” –“Students- Graduate Student” or “Staff – Graduate Research Assistant” or “Staff – Graduate Teaching Assistant”
  11. Click: “Submit”
  12. Click on “Process Registration”
  13. After you have attended a workshop, email the CE Grad Office (cegrad@purdue.edu) with the date you attended so that your file can be updated.

If you are not able to attend an in-person workshop, you can complete the online version of the training:

Instructions for online EA/EO training module:

In order to complete the Graduate Student Equal Access/Equal Opportunity – Harassment and Discrimination: Prevention and Response training online, please follow the steps listed below:

Use the link to the Vice President for Ethics & Compliance website shown below to access the training information:


Scroll down the page to the Online Program

1. Log into WebCert using your Purdue Career Account login and password
2. Click on the “Vice President for Ethics and Compliance” subheading.
3. Click on the “Graduate Student EA/EO – Harassment and Discrimination: Prevention and Response” certification.
4. Follow the instructions in WebCert to complete the program.
5. Forward the email or print out the certification certificate at the end of the program to Jenny Ricksy at jricksy@purdue.edu.