How to Register - Graduate Students

1. Schedule of Classes - find course numbers & CRNs

Log in to myPurdue and click on "View the schedule of classes" to locate course numbers and CRN #s. Check if you need signature and/or approval for course overrides for courses outside of CE.

2. Meet With Your Major Professor

Set up a meeting with your advisor/major professor to determine your course schedule. YOU and your major professor are responsible for following your Plan of Study, area exam conditions (PhD), etc.

3. PIN Number

Your advisor/major professor should provide your PIN.

4. Register via the Add/Drop link in myPurdue.

For courses outside CE that require approval/overrides, you will need to enter the request via the Scheduling Assistant. The Scheduling Assistant will then circulate the request to the appropriate contacts to get approval.  If you need an approval for a CE course, please email the CE Grad Office (see item # 7 on this list).

5. Independent Study Courses - requires a Form VT

Meet with your major professor to determine course title (30 characters or less), fill out and email the Form VT to the CE Graduate Office at CE Grad Office will then set up the course and register you.  If it is past the first week of classes, you should send the form to

6. Funded Students

If you are being funded by a research or teaching assistantship, you are required to register for at least 3 credit hours of coursework and/or research each semester (including summer). International students need to register for at least 6 hours.

7. Thesis Research and other CE courses that require special approvals

If you are a PhD or MS thesis option student you are required to enroll in thesis research every semester you are conducting research. You can find your professor's research CRN in the Schedule of Classes in myPurdue.  Get email approval from your advisor, that includes your PUID, research section CRN and the number of credits you should be registered for and forward that to This same process can be used for other CE courses that need special approvals (pre-req, instructor permission, etc). Please send just one email with all this information to prevent delays in processing. Please be sure that you have removed any registration holds that may be on your account.

8. Final Check

Double-check your class list in myPurdue, under "Concise Student Schedule", once it is entered.