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How to Register - Graduate Students

1. Meet with your advisor

a. Fill out a Form 23 with all courses
b. Student must sign
c. Advisor must sign
d. Advisor will supply PIN- if advisor cannot access PIN, please bring signed form 23 to the CE Grad Office and we will give you the PIN.

2. Enroll in courses via myPurdue

a. If there are CE courses that you cannot register for, the CE Grad Office will enter them.  Please note the item that needs entered on the form 23 - by circling the item number.  If you receive a specific error (instructor permission, pre-req etc) please note this as well.
b. If you are not able to enroll in a course and it is in another department (ME, STAT etc), you will need to obtain the appropriate permission from that department. You can obtain the appropriate signature on the form 23 or copy the CE grad office on an email with the appropriate permission.
c. You will not be able to enroll in research credits (CE 69800 or CE 69900) on your own. These will always need to be entered by the CE Grad Office.
d. If you intend on graduating, remember to include the request to be on the candidate list (CAND 991) on the form.

3. Bring a copy of Form 23 to CE Grad Office by Thursday of the first week of classes for the semester.

4. Visit myPurdue by noon on Friday of the first week of classes to ensure your registration is correct.  Alert the CE Grad Office immediately if there are problems.