Roy E. & Myrna G. Wansik Research/Teaching Awards

Roy Wansik received his BSCE in 1966 and his MSCE in 1967 from Purdue University. The awards were established Feb. 3, 1997. In addition to the faculty awards, the Wansiks also provide scholarships to CE students living in Cary Quadrangle. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wansik have strong ties to the University: Myrna was born and raised in Lafayette and her mother retired from the University after 25 years with Purdue University Libraries. The two first met at Cary Quadrangle. "We wanted to give something back to the students, the faculty, and the University. This endowment allows us to recognize Cary Quadrangle and Civil Engineering students and faculty. We're glad to provide this opportunity for Cary residents studying Civil Engineering to earn scholarships and for faculty to be recognized for excellence in teaching and research."

Student ballot

Undergraduate students in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering are eligible to participate in an online voting for the Roy Wansik Excellence in Teaching Award. A set of criteria was developed by a committee of civil engineering students and staff for student voters to rate the performance of the award nominees. The criteria list can be found here.

Teaching Leadership Award

Performance Criteria

  • Presentation of subject matter
  • Creating student interest in the subject
  • Relating engineering theories and practice
  • Intellectual challenge
  • Development of critical thinking

Other Criteria

  • Must be selected from list of eligible instructors and associated core courses by undergraduates in CE, LSE, and CEM programs. Winners within last 3 years and those not on faculty before January of calendar year of the award or after July of previous year are not eligible.
  • Selected based on criteria reflecting effectiveness and innovation in the classroom and laboratories.
  • Chair of Internal Awards Committee of the Lyles School of Civil Engineering will be responsible for monitoring this award, with guidance from the Head of the School.
  • Minimum number of students (10) encountering a given instructor in core course are used as preliminary screening tool for further consideration of the award.
  • Recipient will be invited to present teaching experience related to the award at a special CE Seminar. Presented with plaque and cash awards.
  • Final selection conducted by Internal Awards Committee of CE, based on outcome of student ballots.


Past Recipients

Research Leadership Award
2023 - Akanshu Sharma
2022 - David Yu
2021 - Mohammad Jahanshahi
2020 - Ming Qu
2019 - Brandon Boor
2018 - Thanos Tzempelikos
2017 - Andrew Whelton
2016 - Venkatesh Merwade
2015 - Robert Connor
2014 - Panagiota Karava
2013 - Pablo Zavattieri
2012 - Satish Ukkusuri
2011 - Samuel Labi
2010 - Monica Prezzi
2009 - Amit H. Varma
2008 - Larry Nies
2007 - Maria Santagata
2006 - Makarand Hastak
2005 - Antonio Bobet
2004 - Srinivas Peeta
2003 - W. Jason Weiss
2002 - James E. Alleman
2001 - Robert J. Frosch
2000 - Jan Olek
1999 - Ernest Blatchley

Teaching Leadership Award
2023 - Brandon Boor
2022 - John C. Tompkins
2021 - Venkatesh Merwade
2020 - Mirian Velay-Lizancos
2019 - Mohammad Jahanshahi
2018 - Robert Jacko
2017 - Amit H. Varma
2016 - Cary Troy
2015 - Marika Santagata
2014 - Steven Johnson
2013 - W. Jason Weiss
2012 - Robert Jacko
2011 - Garrett Jeong
2010 - Robert Connor
2009 - Santiago Pujol
2008 - Judy Liu
2007 - Michael E. Kreger
2006 - W. Jason Weiss
2005 - W. Jason Weiss
2004 - Judy Liu
2003 - C. Douglas Sutton
2002 - James E. Alleman
2001 - W. Jason Weiss
2000 - Timothy M. Whalen
1999 - Dan Budny