Scholarship Information


Filling out the University Scholarship Application will make you eligible for College of Agriculture AND ABE Scholarships. (The College of Engineering does not use this system.) The good news for Engineering Students – is that the College of Agriculture recognizes ABE students as Ag students so you are eligible for College of Agriculture Scholarships.

DEADLINE is February 1


  • Use the search bar to search for Alumni & Friends of ABE Scholarship; we know you will qualify for this scholarship.  Click on this scholarship.  Click on Start Application.  This will open the application for the College of Agriculture and the ABE Department.  This one application will match you with all the scholarships for which you meet the criteria.
  • Use this Worksheet and be sure you have answers to all questions – especially the essays – prior to opening the application online.  My vote would be for you to completely answer all questions on the spreadsheet (you can type out your essays in a Word document, so that you can spell check, etc. and then paste from there to the excel document).  I would save the Excel file so that if there is a problem (this is a new program) you have your answers all saved.
  • Send an email to Dan Taylor when you think you have completed the application.  He will notify you if your scholarship application is not in the system, and we can figure out a solution, which might be that I will accept the Excel file (above) as your application.

 There are detailed ScholarshipUniverse navigation instructions students may find helpful as they explore the new tool.