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Machine Systems Engineering Selectives/Electives

For students who entered during/after Fall 2013

Agricultural Electives

Engineering Technical Selectives

Biology Selectives

Agriculture Core Selectives

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Humanities and/or Social Science
    • Economics
  • Multicultural Awareness
  • International Understanding

Agricultural Electives

Agricultural Electives are courses from any of the following departments that are not used to fulfill other degree requirements. Courses can be 1 – 4 credits, and course numbers 10000-59999.

ABE – Agricultural and Biological Engineering
AGEC – Agricultural Economics
AGR – Agriculture
AGRY – Agronomy
ANSC – Animal Science
ASM – Agricultural Systems Management
BCHM – Biochemistry
BTNY – Botany
ENTM – Entomology
FNR – Forestry and Natural Resources
FS – Food Science
HORT – Horticulture
LA – Landscape Architecture
NRES – Natural Resources and Environmental Science
YDAE – Youth Development and Agricultural Education

Engineering Technical Selectives

The Agricultural Engineering curriculum contains 6 credits of courses labeled Engineering Technical Selectives. Below is a list of recommended and approved engineering courses which can be used to satisfy this requirement. Other engineering courses can be selected but must be reviewed for acceptance on an individual basis. See your academic advisor for additional assistance.

Biology Selectives – Typical Options

BIOL 11000 Fundamentals of Biology I
BIOL 11100 Fundamentals of Biology II
BTNY 11000 Introduction to Plant Science
HORT 30100 Plant Physiology

Complete list of acceptable Biology courses