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College of Agriculture Raises the Bar for Food Finders

Event Date: April 16, 2012

Setting what was considered an extraordinary goal, 7,000 pounds of food, Luanna DeMay and her small army of volunteers set out to more than triple the previous year's total collection. During the early weeks it seemed that we were not going to be able to reach that goal. And we didn't - we DESTROYED that goal! Over 4.5 times our original estimate, the College of Agriculture came together to donate 31,851 pounds of food to Food Finders! Congratulations and well done!


Agricultural Economics with 9523 lbs. of food donated

Second Place

Botany and Plant Pathology with 4975 lbs. of food donated

Third Place

Agronomy with 4305 lbs. of food donated

Agricultural and Biological Engineering did well - 480 pounds. Just wait until next year...