Saumitra Mehrotra

Engineering nanowire n-MOSFETs at Lg < 8nm

Engineering nanowire n-MOSFETs at Lg < 8nm S. Mehrotra, S.G. Kim, M. Povolotskyi, T. Kubis, M. Lundstrom & G. Klimeck


  • MOSFET scaling solutions at Lg<8 nm


  • Engineer heavy transport masses in nanowire devices using orientation and strain engineering.
  • Full band (sp3d5d* TB model) quantum transport simulations using OMEN.


  • Heavy mass limits S-D tunneling and improves over ON-OFF current ratio.
  • Near ideal Id-Vd even at hannel
    lengths, Lg=3 nm.
  • Scaling solutions at Lg < 8 nm lie within Si material.


  • Trans. Elec. Dev. (submitted.)


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