Saumitra Mehrotra

Development of Nanowire code on nanoHUB.

Mode space approach for silicon nanowire simulations Saumitra Raj Mehrotra , Ben Haley & Gerhard Klimeck


  • Development of silicon nanowire simulator with EMA mode space approach.
  • Elicit difference between coupled and uncoupled mode space approaches.


  • Improved frontend GUI for nanowire code using rappture
  • Full 3D naonwire code based on Fortran90 with MPI used for parallelization
  • Uncoupled (UMS) and Fast Uncoupled mode space (FUMS) approaches for fast simulation.


  • Deeper understanding of mode coupling and when it is important
  • Serving scientific community with more than 1200 users and 18000 simulation runs.


  • Nanowire V2.0 installed on nanohub including improved features.
  • Material Properties.
  • Crystal Orientation.
  • 3D Eigenfunctions.
  • 1D Electron density.
  • 1D conduction subband profile.


  • Mehrotra, S.R.; Roenker, K.P. (2007), " Process Variation Study for Silicon Nanowire Transistors," Microelectronics and Electron Devices, 2007 IEEE Workshop on: pg. 40--41, 04.

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