shapeSIFT: Evaluating InfoVis Tools for Eco-Conscious Design

by | Aug 7, 2016

Authors: Ramanujan D, Bernstein WZ, Kulkarni D, Tew J, & Ramani K
In ASME 2013 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (pp. V004T05A041-V004T05A041). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

In this paper, we present the methodology and results from the evaluation of shapeSIFT: a multi-dimensional visualization tool for exploring part repositories in the context of eco-conscious design. The goals of this work are twofold, to create a categorization scheme for user evaluation methods specific to information visualization tools in eco-conscious design, and to formulate a user study for the shapeSIFT interface based on the developed categorization scheme. Our proposed scheme categorizes user evaluation methods based on two axes, (a) focus of the conducted user evaluation, and (b) development stage of the tool being evaluated. This scheme was used as the basis for conducting a guided formative expert review of the shapeSIFT interface with five domain experts in an industry setting. In this study we gathered experts’ comments, feedback, and usage behaviors, while they used the shapeSIFT interface to perform tasks reflective of real-world design practices. Results from the study show that shapeSIFT was easy-to-use and effective for part selection in the context of redesign. Motivated by these positive preliminary results, we intend to improve the shapeSIFT interface and conduct follow-up studies with a larger pool of designers



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