Study Spot Availability Tracker

The Study Spot Availability Tracker team is working on project that will make finding study spots easier for students by allowing them to check the availability of study spots on campus in real time.



As the population of students on Purdue campus keep on growing, one of the new problem that arises is that there are not enough studying spot around the campus. In order to both save students' time in finding a place to study and help university save more funding in constructing new libraries, this VIP team is developing a Study Spot Availability Tracker. By installing sensors on the studying spots around the campus, the project will allow students to check what seats are taken and available via an app and website so that they can decide where to go studying. In the future, the team is planning on implementing more functionalities to the project such as IoT application in energy efficient studying spots and matching between empty seat and user with automated algorithm.

Meeting Times:

  • Spring 2022: TBA